Borne Wilde is a minority, woman-owned business that was created in 2017 by Ellie Parker out of her love affair for beautiful, natural skincare. 

Having always marched to the beat of her own drum, Ellie left her life in accounting to pursue a future where she could live, work, and play on her terms. 


Originally intended to be a skin care line, Borne Wilde released a full range of products in February 2018. Items ranged from cleansers to massage oil; however, what stole everyones attention were the bath bombs. 


In a market flooded with vendors, Ellie knew she needed to create something unique. Taking her passion for colour and design — along with her ability to create unique works of art — helped her break into the market and quickly become sought after.

As Borne Wilde grew to keep up with demand, the philosophy behind them has remained constant. Borne Wilde is a collection of skincare products that are all made by hand. All products are made in small batches so to ensure quality and freshness. Each ingredient has been hand selected for its particular benefit to the skin while also being mindful of its impact on the environment.

While Borne Wilde boomed, Ellie still had the desire to do more. Having always dreamt of having her own jewelry line, Ellie made this a reality by launching the Ellie Parker Jewelry line in 2018. 

From the actual product down to the packaging, you will sense the love and attention to detail that went into creating the products for you.