Recommended Retail: $7.00+


** PLEASE NOTE: This bath bomb is prone to discoloration. It will turn a speckled brown if it remains in inventory for too long. Sweeter scents should be top priority when selling inventory. Bath bombs will still work as they should, they just won't be as pretty.


We will hold an "Ugly" sale from time to time and these fly off the shelves (even at a marginal discount). **


Birthday Cake WS - 5

  • Scented in vanilla marshmallow, this bath bomb has quickly become one of our best sellers.  This bomb has a beautiful purple interior that you can't see until you've placed it in the water.  It is rimmed in our cocoa butter drizzle, and dipped in sprinkles. 


    Made in Canada, Eh – Never Tested on Animals – 100% Vegan




    Recommended Retail: $7+




    First Order Minimum - $200                  

    Repeat Buyer Minimum - $150


    * Order must come to these totals using wholesale pricing, and does not include shipping or local delivery charges.

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